BENU Pen Ranges

BENU Euphoria from £90.00

With colourways inspired by life’s simple pleasures, the BENU Euphoria is an opportunity to show your indulgences through your writing instrument. In true BENU style and matching the hedonistic motivations, the Euphoria goes all out, bursting with glitter and sparkles. The classic cigar shape has been given a modern twist with a bold octagonal faceted profile and gently domed ends.

BENU Briolette from

The elegant BENU Briolette takes inspiration from the distinctive faceted gemstone style of the same name. Cut with elongated diamond shaped surfaces, each facet catches different lights, allowing the pen’s full beauty to be seen. A cigar shaped profile provides a classic element to the otherwise modern aesthetic, whilst the lightweight body feels nimble feel in the hand.

BENU Talisman from

Invoking the attributes of mystical materials, the BENU Talisman range will lend it’s power to your writing. Offering yet more intrigue is the Talisman’s uniquely faceted barrel. Finished with a premium stainless steel Schmidt nib, screw close cap and sleek chrome pocket clip, the BENU Talisman’s craftsmanship lives up to it’s exceptional and fascinating design.

BENU Scepter from

Designed to resemble the ancient symbol of power and authority held by King’s and Holy men, the BENU Sceptre has a bold profile and regal air. Each facet curls around the barrel creating a striking helical form whilst BENU have removed the pocket clip ensuring no interruption to the unique barrel shape. Naming each colourway in the convention of monarch’s and their ordinals, the Scepter’s simple Roman numeral naming further connects the design with its inspirations.

BENU Minima from

Elegant in its simplicity, the BENU Minima is a perfectly pocket sized pen and ideal for on-the-go. The sleek cigar shaped profile fits easily in the hand and provides a sophisticated silhouette.