Sheaffer Pen Ranges

Sheaffer VFM from £9.90

The Sheaffer VFM is a fun and affordable pen, with sleek modern lines and a mid-sized profile. Classic colours are joined by the fashionable including glowing coral and ultra mint, giving this range a youthful feel. The ballpoint pen has a click mechanism and comes with a blue ink refill, whilst the rollerball comes with black.  The fountain pen features a stainless steel medium sized nib, and comes with both a blue and black ink cartridge. All VFM pens come with a one year warranty.

Sheaffer Prelude from £29.99

Our bestselling range from Sheaffer, the Prelude is solidly built with a chunky cigar shape and pearlised insert on the end of the cap. The fountain and rollerball pens feature an ergonomic grip with ridged finger pads for added comfort and control. The fountain pen also comes with a stainless steel medium nib with 1 blue, 1 black cartridge and converter. All Sheaffer Prelude’s have a lifetime warranty.

Sheaffer Icon from £57.00

Drawing on Sheaffer’s rich design heritage, the Icon has been developed to celebrate their past whilst giving the brand a contemporary edge. A bold cigar shaped profile echoes Sheaffer’s traditional aesthetics, whilst the premium finishes with striking accents brings the Icon firmly into the 21st century

Best Sellers

  1. Sheaffer Icon Metallic Blue Fountain Pen

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