Faber-Castell Pen Ranges

Faber-Castell Ambition from £49.90

The Faber Castell Ambition pen range is characterised by a straight edge profile made up of right angles and clean lines, with a spring loaded clip. There is a wide variety of finishes, all of which contrast with gleaming chrome for a sharp look. Natural woods such as pearwood have an artisanal quality, whilst the precious resin has a modern edge when combined with geometric patterns. The Ambition fountain pen and ballpoint take standard international refills, and come with one black refill.

Faber-Castell Emotion from £49.00

The Faber Castell Emotion pen range has a broad and curvaceous profile, with a weighty feel that sits comfortably in the hand. The natural pearwood provides a unique finish to each pen, whilst the high gloss precious resin has a modern feel. Each pen has a spring loaded clip making it easier to carry in a pocket. The Emotion fountain pen features a medium stainless steel nib, and takes standard international cartridges. All pens are fitted with one black ink refill.

Faber-Castell Grip from £14.95

Uniquely designed with raised dots along the barrel for extra stability, the Faber-Castell Grip pen is perfect for young and old alike. The durable lightweight construction is paired with a soft touch triangular grip section for hours of smooth, effortless writing. Available in a fountain pen and ballpoint pen, in classic and fashion colours.

Faber-Castell Essentio from £17.99

Designed for effortless writing, the Essentio matches Faber-Castell’s premium craftsmanship with striking good looks. Manufactured from durable yet lightweight aluminium, the Essentio feels nimble, supported by the deep-cut ridged grip which improves stability and control. The broad straight profile gives plenty to hold on to and is accentuated by the curved clip design.

Faber-Castell Neo-Slim from £33.00

The Neo Slim brings Faber-Castell firmly into the 21st Century with its refined, contemporary style. A streamline cylindrical barrel provides a clean profile which sits comfortably in the hand and is perfect for those who prefer a slim line pen. The spring loaded pocket clip adds function to form, perfectly highlighting the pens minimalist design, whilst showcasing Faber-Castell’s attention to quality and craftsmanship.

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