Add a sense of refinement to your note taking and doodling with a propelling pencil made from quality materials such as carbon fibre and sterling silver (the added weight gives an extra feeling of control). We stock pencils from brands such as Cross, typically with an HB lead, and a width between 0.5 and 0.9. For a truly unique writing experience try the revolutionary Yoropencil with its finger support and ergonomic grip, or the Worther if you need to draw on unusual surfaces such as wood or glass. Guide to lead sizes >

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  1. 34% Off
    Cross Classic Century Lustrous Chrome Pencil
    Cross Classic Century Lustrous Chrome Pencil
    Special Price £31.85 Regular Price £48.00
  2. Kaweco Special Brass 0.7mm Push Pencil
  3. Engrave Your Pencil - In-House Service

    Browse our engraveable pencils
  4. LAMY 2000 Brushed Steel Pencil
  5. LAMY scala Black Pencil
  6. rotring 800+ mechanical pencil

    Rotring Technical Drawing Instruments

    From £11.95
  7. Kaweco Sketch Up Brass Clutch Pencil
  8. LAMY AL-star Graphite Pencil
  9. LAMY accent Aluminium Pencil
  10. Graf von Faber-Castell Guilloche Rhodium Mechanical Pencil
  11. LAMY safari Umbra Pencil
  12. Kaweco Skyline Sport Black Push Pencil
  13. LAMY AL-star Black Pencil
  14. LAMY safari White Pencil
  15. Kaweco Classic Sport Red Clutch Pencil
  16. Kaweco Skyline Sport Fox Push Pencil
  17. Showing 1-32 of 143 results