Pelikan Ranges

Pelikan Classic

from £100.00
  • Iconic Pelican-bill clip
  • In-built piston fill mechanism
  • First step into Pelikan

Pelikan Souveran

from £119.00
  • Distinctive striped barrel
  • Iconic Pelican-bill clip
  • 18k gold nib

Pelikan Toledo

  • Hand engraved sterling silver sleeve
  • Two-tone 18k gold nib
  • Only 200 made a month

Pelikan Pura

from £64.00
  • Two-tone finish
  • Straight clean lines
  • Aluminium construction

Limited Edition

  1. Pelikan Classic K205 Special Edition Moonstone Ballpoint Pen
  1. Pelikan Classic K205 Special Edition Petrol-Marbled Ballpoint Pen

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