Platinum Pen Ranges

Platinum Plaisir from £11.50

The Platinum Plaisir is a fun, affordable and robust fountain pen, ideal for beginners. It has a slightly futuristic feel, owing to the metallic paintwork in bold colours and a see through grip. The Plaisir also feature’s Platinum’s unique slip and seal mechanism which prevents the ink drying out through up to two years of non-use. Some are fitted with a fine nib and others with medium, whilst all come with one black ink cartridge. Extra packs of Platinum ink cartridges available.

Platinum 3776 from £119.00

Classically designed with a broad profile, the Platinum 3776 is named after the height of mount Fuji in metres. Available as a fountain pen, the beautifully oversized 14k gold nib glides across the page. Of particular note is the “slip and seal” model, whose cap prevents the ink drying out for up to two years of non-use. We also love the 3776 Music Nib which dances across the page, ideal for calligraphers and musicians. All pens benefit from a lightweight acrylic resin body for effortless writing.

Platinum Maki-e from £135.00

The Platinum Maki-e skilfully combines ancient art techniques from Japan with the brand’s quality pen-making skills. Devised in the Tempyro Era (710-794), Maki-e involves the arrangement of precious materials and real gold dust into traditional designs by a master craftsmen, such as a Bush Warbler and Crane. The design is then sealed with a layer of lacquer. Fountain pens are fitted with an 18k gold nib and take Platinum specific cartridges. Maki-e rollerball pens come with black ink, compatible with Ohto ceramic refills.

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