Sailor Pen Ranges

Sailor 1911 from £105.00

Honouring Sailor’s foundation year, the 1911 fountain pen marries an effortless writing experience with a classic design of rounded curves. Available in a large size with broader proportions and a standard size, the gold nib with anchor detail makes a statement whilst gliding across the page.

Sailor Professional Gear from £60.00

A statement design from Sailor, their Professional Gear fountain pen features a distinctive cut away cap and inlaid anchor logo on the top. The broad profile and pleasing weight ensures this pen feels great in the hand, and the 21k gold nib glides effortlessly across the page. Also available in a slim version with 14k nib.

Sailor Lecoule from £30.00

The Lecoule is a fantastic introduction to the world of Sailor pens. This fountain pen benefits from Sailor’s experience and exacting standards in manufacturing high quality nibs, but at at a more affordable price. The lightweight nature of this pen and comfortable grip ensures a nimble feel in the hand.

Sailor Shikiori from £55.00

Utilising the Sailor ProColor’s signature profile, the Shikiori collection matches classic design aesthetics with finishes inspired by the changing seasons. The traditional cigar shaped profile ensure this pen is never out of place, and stainless steel nib with anchor detail glides across the page.