S.T. Dupont Pen Ranges

Line D from £85.00

S.T. Dupont’s flagship collection, the Line D showcases their craftsmanship for instant brand recognition. With a gloss black shield set in the clip, a simplified version of their corporate branding, Dupont highlights their knowledge of working with lacquer. The end cap detailing has been given a makeover, embedding a 3D version of the characteristic D initial in a deeper recess topped with clear resin. Finished with the S.T. Dupont signature wrapped around the centre band, the Line D has a premium and distinguished feel.

D-Initial from £175.00

Sleek straight lines define the S.T. Dupont D-Initial, providing a modern silhouette. The elongated pocket clip is finished with a gloss black lacquer shield, a simplified version of their corporate branding, highlighting S.T. Dupont’s history and their extensive knowledge of working with lacquer. The all metal construction provides a pleasing weight in the hand.

Liberte from £300.00

With subtle curves and delicate detailing, S.T. Dupont state that the Liberté collection is crafted to reflect femininity and elegance. Featuring a slender ridged pocket clip and a tapered profile, the Liberté sits elegantly in the hand. Completed with a diamond faceted end cap showcasing the Dupont initial, the S.T. Dupont Liberté collection has a timeless appeal.

Sword from £355.00

Inspired by Bulwer-Lytton’s famous quote, S.T. Dupont have integrated the features of a sword into the pen design in this distinctive range. Signifying the concept that the pen is a formidable tool capable of changing the world, S.T. Dupont have sought to create an imposing collection which expresses a pens true power. The elongated clip is cut to resemble a blade, whilst the Dupont initial sits at the top reflecting a sword’s guard.

Defi from £240.00

Streamlined aesthetics and a modern feel distinguish the S.T. Dupont Défi range. Inspired by the sleek lines of a fighter jet, the Défi’s tapered cigar shape profile sits comfortably in the hand, allowing the user a precision matched only by the craftsmanship in the ballpoint pen’s design. The weighty metal construction features large cut-aways revealing a contrasting inner surface creating a dynamic and striking finish.