Worther Pen Ranges

Worther Shorty from £7.25

The Shorty is our bestselling range from Worther, and the brand’s flagship product. The ‘Short’ hexagonal shape is comfortable to hold, with soft 3mm 7B leads that can write on most surfaces including wood, glass, textiles and metal. The Classic model is available in many different colours of resin, whilst the All Round set comes with three different colour refills. The Aluminium Shorty has a solid, weighty feel and can be engraved.  Whilst the Shorty is renowned for its pencil, it is also available as a ballpoint.

Worther Wood from

The Worther Wood range has the same distinctive shape as their flagship Shorty, with a short and chubby profile that is a joy to hold. Available as a pencil with click top button, it comes with a soft 7B lead that can write on almost any surface. Choose from a round or hexagonal profile and a choice of woods including; maple, plum, cherry, which all have natural variances in the grain. Worther refills available here in graphite and different colours. 

Worther Spiral from £31.00

The Worther Spiral adapts the hexagonal shape of their flagship Short with a fun twist. The pencil has a click top button to propel the lead, and is fitted with a fine 0.5mm lead for more detailed work. A handy eraser is fitted under the cap. For refills, choose the Lamy or Parker 0.5mm lead refills. The Spiral ballpoint pen features a click button and takes standard international refills.

Worther Compact from £29.90

The Worther Compact pen typifies bold and functional German design, with its short profile and lightweight aluminium that is practical to carry around. Available in all writing types, the pencil comes with either a precise 0.5mm lead or a soft 4B 5.6mm lead for sketching. The fountain pen comes with a blue ink cartridge, the rollerball a Euroformat style refill and the ballpoint a standard multifunction refill.

Worther Slight from

The Worther Slight, as the name would suggest, is a slimline pencil ideal for lovers of pencil writing and technical drawing. It features a twist mechanism, an integrated eraser and a lightweight aluminium body for an effortless feel. The Slight is fitted with a medium HB pencil lead and comes with two spare. Takes Worther Slight pencils leads 1.18mm.